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Dahl Adaptive Gripper - a brand of Dahl Automation GmbH, Meinerzhagen
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Made by additive manufacturing, customised gripper jaws for exact or even positive external or internal gripping:

Easy. Precise. Gripping.
For your application.



Compatible interface with fast lock system according to the principle of click & done, WLAN system communication possible:

Easy. Precise. Gripping.
With your robot.



Variable adjustment of power, stroke & speed in accordance to your requirements, gripper jaws flexibly replaceable:

Easy. Precise. Gripping.
Of your product.


Simply customised: The servo-electrical gripper for every job. Particularly for yours.

Single steps of your production which do not fit in the basic schema of the entire automated process require flexible solutions for efficient integration. Unfortunately, often there seem to be no alternatives to human manpower regarding fine motor skills but also repetitive operations which are an ergonomic burden for employees

In order to fill this gap in the sense of a system-wide harmony, Dahl Automation now introduces the Dahl Adaptive Gripper and thereby presents the flexible standard component for the complete automating of your company. The servo-electrical handling concept is based upon ultimate lightweight design, customisable gripper jaws for positive external or internal gripping, a compatible interface to your robot as well as an intuitive installation and operation.

Due to the applied additive manufactuing in our production process we can especially well respond to customer wishes regarding gripper fingers and optionally ensure a solution which is individually tailored to your needs.


Simply precise: The automation of your fine tuning. By use of the DAG-S

Exact automated gripping has never been easier! The DAG-S in its ultralightweight sinter housing is the entry-level model of the Dahl Adaptive Gripper.

The compact servo-electrical gripper for your fine-tuning satisfies the user by its simple installation and operation, exact adaptability of position, speed and power for the upcoming assignments plus maximum precision.


Flexible circuit board mounting with the DAG prototype

As an example for the operation of the Dahl Adaptive Gripper we simulated a flexible placement automation with its prototype version. In the meantime we already implemented the application as a pilot customer project.

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Dahl Adaptive Gripper:
Impressions of our trade fair prototypes


Always the ideal gripper solution: Dahl Adaptive Gripper - a brand of Dahl Automation GmbH, Meinerzhagen.


Dahl Automation GmbH, Meinerzhagen - Your specialist for collaborating automation, robotics, gripper technology and driverless transport systems

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Simply sensitive: The gripper for your precision work. Available from early 2018.

The Dahl Adaptive Gripper DAG-S is the compact, customisable gripper for the automation of manual workplaces for accurate and specially sensitive jobs

Designed and certified for simple use with all types of Universal Robots - but also compatible with other robots - the DAG-S will perfectly perform doing your precision work from spring 2018, e. g. in metal processing or electrical industry.  

Its benefits are based upon flat structure, ultimate lightweight design thanks to additive manufacturing of the housing component, a variable adjustment of power, stroke and speed. Apart from the standard fingers, which are flexibly replaceable, customised gripper fingers for exact external or internal gripping (even positive gripping) can be installed.

Besides its exact adaptability for the assignments and maximum precision, the DAG-S satisfies the user by its simple installation and operation. Designed as a UR+ product, the DAG-S is controlled directly on the Universal Robots user interface. Both gripper and robot control are stored in the same program.


Features & Benefits

► Flat structure

► Lightweight design

► Simple installation

► Easy programming

► Adjustable parameters

► Reliable performance.

Techn. Daten DAG-S

Basic technical profile of the Dahl Adaptive Gripper DAG-S

 Gripper stroke:
    variable, max. 22 mm/side

    600 g (without gripper jaws)

    100 x 90 x 75 mm
    (hight, width, depth)

 Closing force:
    40 N

► Closing speed:
    40 mm/s

► Supply voltage:

► Peak current:

 Communications protocol:
    ASCII / TCP / IP 

 Programmable parameters:
    speed / position / power

    position / power (motor current)

 Optional integration:
    camera (component detection)


Datasheet available soon!

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Dahl Adaptive Gripper:
The customisable handling for your job.

You have further questions regarding your automation with the Dahl Adaptive Gripper?
Feel free to contact us!


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Dahl Automation: 
Your systemic option

Dahl Automation GmbH, Meinerzhagen - Your specialist for collaborating automation, robotics, gripping technology and driverless transport systems

Dahl Adaptive Gripper is a brand of Dahl Automation GmbH, your system-wide automation partner.

You are looking for customised solutions from one source? Then you are in the right place with us!


► Collaborating robotics

► Adaptive gripping technology

Driverless transport systems

► Automation plant engineering

Discover more about us and visit our homepage.

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The accurate gap closure in your automation: Dahl Adaptive Gripper - a brand of Dahl Automation GmbH, Meinerzhagen  



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